Our Story

The Rockabilly Salamanders are a traditional 3-piece band located in Charleston, SC. The ensemble includes a vintage Gretsch guitar, upright bass and a minimal drum kit. The group, lead by Sal Chaves was formed in early 2017. The band immediately landed gigs in and around Charleston, SC and continues to pack local music venues.

Meet the Band

Jimi Moon


Jimi began drumming in 2013 with no previous musical experience. He had purchased a beginner’s drum kit to compliment the 2 guitars and keyboard he had setup for his kids. After a couple years of non-use, he started practicing on the drums with a neighbor who was learning bass guitar. This quickly turned into a band and now he plays in 2 bands including the Rockabilly Salamanders. Jimi currently plays a set of 2014 Gretsch Catalina Maple drums accompanied with Sabian cymbals.

Sal Chaves

Lead guitar/vocals

Sal is a Canuck from guess where?  That’s right, Canada. He found his way to Charleston by way of Myrtle Beach where he spent many nights gigging from Murrells Inlet to North Myrtle Beach. Sal began playing guitar and singing at age 15. Sal currently plays a 1953 Gretsch guitar that he borrowed from Scotty Moore in a dream.

Chris Gelling

Upright bass guitar

Chris is a man with a plan. He recently picked up the upright bass to join forces with Sal and he hasn’t looked back since.  His only challenge which remains to this day is locating a vehicle that will contain “the beast” as he calls it while at the same time not restrict his entry into his office parking garage. Chris currently plays a wooden beast of a guitar he sometimes renames “the body” after he bags it up and drags it down the street after late night gigs.